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Vall de Núria

A taste of the Pyrenees

A taste of the Pyrenees

A valley surrounded by snow-covered mountains is the place where a shrine to the Virgin of Núria was built.

Activities for all publics

Vall de Núria, almost 2,000 metres above sea level, is a valley in the Pyrenees in the Queralbs municipality. The valley has been a pilgrimage site since the Middle Ages and is now a family resort suitable for all publics that offers a wide range of leisure activities.

Located in a privileged setting, where pastures were used as currency by counts and monasteries, Vall de Núria is presided over by a shrine venerating a 12th-century image of the Virgin of Núria. The shrine is in the middle of the valley, whose climate is cold and rainy because it is completely surrounded by 3,000 metre peaks. Oak, Scots pine and mountain pine are the most abundant species of trees, although only Alpine tundra plants manage to survive on the highest ground, where they completely cover the oldest rocky substrate in the Pyrenees. The valley’s major wildlife includes chamois, roe deer and mouflons, but there are also wild boar, moles, pine martens, and birds like the house martin, the bearded vulture and the griffon vulture.

Today, Vall de Núria offers a wide range of leisure activities for the whole family, including mountain hiking, boat trips on the lake, horse riding, children’s workshops, archery, miniature golf and a petting zoo, in addition, obviously, to religious services. In winter, the valley is a popular ski resort where you can enjoy a number of winter sports.


Points of interest

  • Shrine of the Virgin of Núria

  • Artificial lake

  • Chapel of Sant Giles
  • Cable car to the Pic de l’Áliga lookout point