The Shopping Express route will not operate on 11/9 due to the Eleventh of September celebrations.


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Frequently asked questions

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  • Do I have to make a reservation to go on the tour?

    Yes, it is essential to make a reservation for all types of ticket so that we can guarantee you a seat on the bus. If you turn up without a ticket, you can only buy one for the tour if there are still places available.

  • Do all excursions operate on a daily basis?

    Depending on the excursion, they may operate on different days. For more information see the all routes section.

  • Which languages is the excursion guided in?

    The excursion is available in English, Spanish and Catalan so long as there are customers who speak these languages. Consult the Information page for further details.

  • Is it possible to arrange a tailor-made tour?

    If you have a special request, get in touch with us using our contact form and we will consider it.