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Dalí Theatre and Museum and Jewels

A homage to the Surrealist genius

A homage to the Surrealist genius

The museum dreamt up by Dalí contains his best works and most surprising installations. Dalí Jewels is the permanent exhibition on jewellery designed by Dalí.

The world’s largest Surrealist work

A museum that is in itself an attraction: a space full of surprises considered to be Salvador Dalí’s final work and, without doubt, his most complete. A unique experience to explore the Surrealist world of the Figueres-born genius.

The Figueres Dalí Theatre and Museum contains the best collection of Salvador Dalí’s paintings and drawings and is, at the same time, a Surrealist exhibition that features pieces created expressly by the artist. Inaugurated in 1974 and designed by Dalí himself, who is buried in the crypt, it is located in the old Municipal Theatre of Figueres, which had been destroyed in the Spanish Civil War. An enormous geodesic glass dome covers the roof and fills the grandiose space below with light to allow you to discover works from all of the Figueres-born genius’s periods.

The museum was subsequently expanded with the so-called Galatea Tower, which formed part of the old city wall and was Dalí’s home from 1984 to his death in 1989. The 17th-century tower is a homage to Gala, and Dalí adorned its entire facade with bread and eggs. Now it is one of the museum’s most iconic images, along with some of the most spectacular pieces, like the "Rainy Taxi" and the Mae West room, a space where, from a certain point, the portrait of the actress becomes three-dimensional.

An annex to the museum contains the permanent Dalí Jewels exhibition, which includes the 39 gold and precious stone pieces from the Owen Cheatham collection, two subsequent pieces, and the 27 drawings and paintings that Salvador Dalí produced on paper as a model for the jewellery pieces. Made of gold, platinum, precious stones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, topazes, etc.), pearls, coral and other noble materials in the form of hearts, lips, eyes, plants and animals, religious and mythological symbols, each piece of jewellery is utterly unique.


Points of interest

  • Mae West room

  • Wind Palace room

  • Galatea Tower
  • Monument to Francesc Pujols
  • Rainy Taxi